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Indoor plant delivery for your home office

Bring a little jungle indoors to makeover the mood. Add some greenery to your home office eyeline. Try a peace lily, string of pearls or desktop terrarium delivered to your door.

Folia House

The foliage range at Folia House gives us grand greenhouse designs. From mini cacti and bonsai to towering monstera, shop by light level or size. Got mozzies? Get a carnivorous sundew. Not sure you can keep it alive? Start in the easy for beginners section. And for curious cats and dogs – play it safe with some pet-friendly pots. You had us at aloe.

Lots of pot plants at Folia House

Check out the Folia House virtual jungle online.

Melbourne Flower Merchant

Melbourne Flower Merchant is no ordinary florist. Ask their expert creatives about the perfect potted plants for your space. Add some cavolo nero, beetroot and basil seeds to your order to get planting.

A person planting succulent plant in pot

Ask the experts at Melbourne Flower Merchant

Her Majesty’s Florist

Adopt a shiny peace lily or cute cactus garden from Her Majesty’s Florist. Need to make someone’s day? Add a box of chocolates or a bottle of vino and make it a gift.

Kellee Flowers

Spruce up your home office with a potted palm or speckled snake plant. Kellee Flowers also have feathery maidenhair ferns and cactus gardens to up your indoor plant game.

Grab some Top3 by Design gardening tools

If you’ve got a garden, get planting. Stock up on sleek trowels and tools from Top3 by Design. Or give your old hose a makeover with a new leopard print nozzle, no less.

Spoilt pots and planters

Re-home your new indoor succulent friends in a too-cute planter. Spoilt’s dinosaur or ceramic koala planters are perfect for hanging in a window.

Dog sniffing at dog shaped plants pots

Re-home your succulent friends in a too-cute Spoilt planter

Skill up with a how-to guide

Not a natural green thumb? No worries. Time is on your side. Grab a guide to indoor gardening from Dymocks. Or make the most of your leftovers with No-Waste Kitchen Gardening or Indoor Kitchen Gardening from Readings.