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How to make the ultimate home cinema

A night at the cinema doesn’t have to wait until the end of lockdown. Make movie magic at home and transform your space into a cinematic wonderland. Here’s where to order everything you need online.

A group of young people on a rooftop watching a projector screen

You’ll be the envy of all other share houses when your home cinema is all set up

Screens and sounds


First up, you’ve got to get your actual screen sorted. Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0 from Spoilt projects your favourite movie from your phone. This projector is super cute and super affordable, with a vintage design aesthetic. This nifty projector is made from cardboard. It’s light and compact, and compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

If you’re low on space, the EECUBE Micro Wireless Smart Projector from digiDirect is a real dynamo. It measures in at just over 5cm x 5cm and can project an image of up to 304cm. This rechargeable little number includes a built-in speaker and USB port. It can work with various streaming apps like Google Play. Don’t want to make the investment? digiDirect also offer a budget-friendly rental option. Perfect if you only want to host a one-off event.

The portable Devanti Video Projector is a great option for backyard cinema experience. Just aim it at a smooth wall or fence (or hang a sheet up) and plug in a USB with your movie selection primed and ready. You can dial the screen size up from 35 inches to 120 inches, depending on the size of your yard. It also features a built-in heavy bass speaker.


If you want to amp your sound up, hang a portable Bluetooth speaker from digiDirect at the optimum spot. It’ll give your room for that surround sound feel.

A retro projector in the dark

Make movie magic at home

Cinema vibe

Mood lighting

Crank up a star projector from Spoilt at the entrance of your place for that Hollywood glamour feel. For an outdoor cinema, these leafy cascading lights will brighten your backyard. String tiny twinkle lights wherever you have space.

Comfy seats

Plump up some beanbags and cushions and get ready for to settle in. Domayne at QV is still open for click and collect, or you can send through an order online. Cosy rugs and throws are in generous supply at Creswick Wool Mills, an iconic local shop selling Australian made delights.

A family on a couch watching movies

Set the scene with sparkling lights

Movie snacks

We all know how crucial snacks are to the whole cinema experience. Have you really been to the cinema if you don’t walk out with choc-top chocolate smeared down your shirt? Get yourself a retro letter board from Calmatronics and showcase your menu of choice.

Popcorn and chocolate

Serve up bowls of fruity, nutty, chocolatey Movie Mix from The Chocolate Box. Or go totally DIY and pick up a popcorn maker to try with Gewurzhaus’ parmesan truffle popcorn recipe. Not into making your own? Order bags of fresh popcorn from Pop Me Fatale in flavours like honey butter, caramel or cheese.


Is all that popcorn is making you thirsty? Romeo Lane can quench that thirst with their incredible single-serve cocktails. They stock packs of daiquiris, martinis and margaritas. Chill some glasses, and bring some boozy luxury to your evening.


Now we come to the all-important discussion of choc-tops. Sure, you could go some classic vanilla, a box of cones and a bottle of Ice Magic. But this is a Melbourne home cinema experience. Bring home a tub of salted caramel or pistachio gelato from Gelateria Primavera. Scoop them into waffle cones and take your snacks to the next level. Pidapipo’s ice cream delivery is also a top notch choc top replacement – make sure you recreate the choc coating with a healthy dose of Nutella drizzle.

Boxes of popcorn

Skip the lobby and order local for movie snacks

Entertainment ideas

So you’ve got your projector set up, the bean bags are plumped and the popcorn is popped. Now it’s time to start streaming the best free local services.

  • You’ll find a bunch of blockbusters and indie films on Kanopy. It’s a free movie streaming service accessed through your local library or university.
  • Want a dose of Melbourne’s arts and film scene? There are interactive exhibitions and intriguing short films and web series to explore.
  • ACMI are streaming a whole host of fabulous things. If you want to cut to the chase, ACMI Re/commends wraps up all the films and TV shows the ACMI staff are streaming.
  • Once your flick is over, finish off the night with a quick round of movie trivia from Milligram.

Due to current circumstances, businesses may close or run out of stock at short notice. Please check with individual stores for details.