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Slay the zoom call game with Melbourne’s best shoulder up accessories

One WFH perk is wearing comfy clothes 24/7. But if you want to look fresh and professional during your next video meeting, here are 7 easy ways to perk up your top half.

Eco jewellery made from coffee

Can’t get enough coffee? Well now you can wear it too, with Atelier Cayelle’s coffee jewellery. Each piece is made from recycled coffee grounds and real gold powder, so they are as eco-friendly as they are cool. Head to the QVWC shop online to see a selection of the range, made in Melbourne.

Bling to bring a smile to your video call

Haus of Dizzy, founded by Indigenous Australian jewellery designer and self-professed ‘Queen of Bling’ Kristy Dickinson, is the place to discover fun, glittery earrings rooted in pop-culture references. They’ll add pep to any plain tee. Head to the Museums Victoria website to check out some of the options on offer.

Large golden hoop earrings

Goddess earrings by Haus of Dizzy


Keep your hair in check with a retro scrunchie

The 90s are back in fashion, and with it comes the return of the humble scrunchie. Keep every hair in place on your next video call with a selection of stylish options from Obus. A high bun adorned with one of these beauties will top any ensemble

Conversation starting pins

Sick of talking about the latest iso-hobbies that your workmates have been trying? Pop over to Beekeeper Parade for a quirky collection of conversation-starting badges and pins. Our favourites are the 90s-inspired skater bunny and happy axolotl pins.

A bunny dressed up like a skateboarder

How do you do, fellow zoom colleagues? Pic via Beekeper Parade.

Channel your chosen energy with healing stone studs

If you’re looking for a boost of good energy when inspiration is hard to come by, try Whitelightly’s semi-prescious stone earrings from Melbournalia. Made with natural healing properties in mind, the stylish studs come in a range of combinations. Choose Galena and Tourmaline for balance and positivity, or a combination of peachy and clear Apophyllite for clear thinking and connection.

Keep track of time in iso

Finding it hard to keep track of the hours you’re spending on conference calls? Try one of Monk House Design’s cool Aark watches. Not only will you know when to clock off, you’ll be able to inspire sartorial jealousy with the flick of a wrist during your daily presentation.

Mask on, mask off

When you’re popping in and out of the house to your local coffee shop, sometimes it’s a pain to be constantly taking your mask on and off. Enter: the sunglasses chain. The coolest kids are adding these classic accessories to their mask, so they can wear it as a necklace-style accessory when it’s not covering their face. Try Lucy Folk’s pretty options for a hands-free approach.

A woman with long hair wearing sunglasses with a gold chain attached to the arms that loops down her back

Lucy Folk