How to have a very Melbourne Christmas

Despite not technically being a nation of our own, we Melburnians like to believe we have traditions that are distinctly Melbourne-only. From hipster Christmas activities to stockings filled with foodie treats, here are the best ways to celebrate Christmas in Melbourne.

Have a very Melbourne Christmas!

  • Let’s start with coffee. After all, this is Melbourne… You don’t plan on serving Nescafe to your out-of-town family do you? Represent our coffee-rich local culture by picking up some prime beans at Market Lane Coffee, Grinders, or Melbourne’s first coffee roaster, Quists.
  • The genius team at 1000 Pound Bend know that Christmas can be a stressful time of the year – so make time for yourself in between shopping and destroy some gingerbread at the Gingerbread Demolition. Expect delectable food, flowing drinks and plenty of gingerbread.
  • If there’s something Melburnians are known for, it’s having a laugh at ourselves… And also being incredibly hipster. Head to the Christmas Cringe Photobooth at Melbourne Central and send copies to your whole family.


    Grab an awkward Christmas photo at Melbourne Central.

  • Skip the generic Santa-shaped chocolate this year. Even Santa’s elves will approve of wafer-filled treats from the world’s first permanent Kit Kat store. From DIY Kit Kats with a huge selection of creative toppings, to exclusive Kit Kat flavours like the ‘Caramelising the Streets’ (with popcorn, potato chips and caramel fudge). Finding a gift for your favourite chocoholics has never been easier.
  • What could be more Melbourne than donuts? Make time to stock up before Christmas, hitting Melbourne mainstays Shortstop Donuts, Doughnut Time and Doughboys Doughnuts, so you’re not left deprived on Santa’s big day. Who says you can’t make a Chrissie pudding with donuts?

    Very Melbourne: Doughnut Time. [Photo: Grace Petrou]

  • Owning an array of Aesop hand cream is possibly the best indication that you’re dealing with a Melburnian. For all your favourite out of town friends, international relatives and that colleague you (still) don’t know anything about, head into Aesop for the easiest present ever. Better grab something for yourself, while you’re there…
  • You’ll obviously never get around to learning how to cook this year, so visit Books For Cooks only a hop away from Queen Victoria Market. With the largest collection of newly released and second-hand cookbooks, you’ll be able to cater for your vegetarian, vegan and FODMAP relatives this Christmas. Maybe do a couple of trial runs before Christmas morning?