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How to get your cheese and wine night delivered in Melbourne

Say cheers to cheese and put your orders in for local produce, Australian wine, European cheese and more. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the company of (up to five) friends.

Where to order cheese and charcuterie

Ripe Cheese at Queen Victoria Market

Ripe Cheese has one of the ooziest cheese toasties in town. Deprive yourself no longer and order their decadent toastie online, delivered contact-free. When the weekend swings around and cheese night is upon you, make sure you’ve got one of their un-brie-lievable cheese packs locked and loaded. Pick cheeses from an all Australian range, including Coal River Farm triple cream brie and Milawa Tomme goat cheese. Add your choice of crackers and wait for it to arrive at your door.

Want to go a little deeper on the cheese choices? Ripe now hosts virtual cheese tasting talks, highlighting delicious produce from different Victorian cheese makers. Book in now.

A person holding a stack of cheese toasties

Toasties from Ripe Cheese

Milk the Cow

Indulge until the cows come home when you order one of Milk the Cow’s cheese boards delivered by Uber Eats. For $55, a selection of five cheeses are chosen by an in-house expert, paired with quince, muscatel clusters and house-made lavosh. Or try the three cheese pack, paired with quince and lavosh for $30. Add on salami, terrine or pate and have a Carlton cheese-fest from your couch.

Punch Lane Wine Bar

They’ve been in business for a quarter of a century, and they’re not stopping now. The hard working team behind Punch Lane have just introduced a number of at-home and delivery options, but we’re hanging out for the charcuterie and cheese selections.  Plus, they’ve got wine and beer available at bottle-o prices. Punch their number into your phone and have a chat for more info, or order directly online.

Bill’s Farm at the Queen Victoria Market

From mascarpone to manchego, Bill’s got local and international cheese lovers sorted. Try Warnambool cheddar or pecorino from Tuscany paired with pate, olives, and an endless array of cured meats. Order from Bill’s Farm by downloading a form from their website, email it to the team, and they’ll deliver within an 8km radius of the market.

A melting wheel of cheese with rosemary garnish

Cheese – it’s worth staying in for.


Got a mate riding solo? Send them the self-iso cheese ‘bored’. Three types of cheese, house made jam, pickled walnuts, lavosh and sourdough croutons makes for an ace night in. Be even kinder and donate a day or week of pantry staples to an at-risk person. You can even send them home cooked meals!

Spring Street Grocer

The Spring Street Grocer is a must for home-cooked meals and sweet treats delivered through their virtual deli. Choose from a range of charcuterie board provisions, like fresh bread, hot smoked salmon, prosciutto, pickled veggies and gourmet crackers (including gluten free!). Got a dairy-free mate joining you? They can feast on cashew cheese, vegan feta, hemp chocolate and egg-free aioli. Jump online and your fromage feast is delivered in no time.

Boho virtual Friday nights

If eating a lot of cheese made you a dairy expert, we’d be in the fromage Mensa. Let some actual experts take you on a glorious discovery of all things wine and cheese with Boho’s Friday night foodie sessions. Book in for Australian wines matched with local cheeses and let the gruyere gurus lead you on a taste sensation.

Where to order wine (or gin, or beer, or whisky…)

Macaulay Cellars

This sweet no-nonsense bottle shop is a much loved part of Macaulay Road’s little village vibe. Support their cool community and order a bev or two via Uber Eats. Pair your triple cream brie with a rich bottle of red (Tahbilk cab sav anyone?) or go spicy with their house-made Macaulay cellars alcoholic ginger beer. A great range of local white wine, beer, rose and more are also available for delivery.

Bar Clara

Blue cheese needs a very specific plonk pairing. Enter mulled wine from Bar Clara. They’re doing free delivery of this winter-time treat to the Melbourne metro area.

Various wine glasses and spices scattered on a table

Mulled wine from Bar Clara

San Telmo

San Telmo have opened an online wine store (you’re welcome). Will you try a top shelf red, order an authentic Malbec or test your mixologist skills with a bottle of Pisco? Sip away as you bake their famous alfajores. A match made in heaven.

Urban Alley Brewery

Urban Alley has the capacity to produce 1 million litres of beer a year, and their unique eco-model means your sips are super sustainable. Settle in at home with a signature bev from their online store.

A woman putting a glass of beer down on a bar

Urban Alley Brewery

Atlantic Group at home

Sparkling wine, beer, pinot and more – Atlantic Group are doing it all, delivered. Check out their near endless range of cellar door supplies online. Make sure you pick a few treats from their snack and dessert range too. We think the red velvet lamingtons would go down very well with a bottle of Double Barrel Barossa Shiraz.

City Wine Shop

Wine, dine and feel fine with the City Wine Shop‘s wine packs. Sold by the full or half dozen, they’ve got high end drops to keep your palate on point. The wine care dozen includes a bottle of champagne, so we know what we’ll be pouring beside our cheese night snacks. Check their Instagram for details.

The interior of a wine bar with shelves stacked with wine bottles

City Wine Shop


Luxurious pantry picks, fancy mixed drinks and Japanese favourites are still available online from Calia. But we’ll be trying out the bottled cocktails as our first order of business. Now no one will know that you love to pair negronis with a cheeky pack of pocky.

Blackhearts and Sparrows

Blackhearts and Sparrows‘ wines for the times collection offers fancy drops including Tempranillos, Fianos and Beaujolais. If you fancy something a bit more spirited, they can deliver Starwood Whiskey and various kinds of vermouth. Delivery is a flat $10, and free shipping applies on orders over $150, so get ahead and plan your cheese and wine pairings for months to come.

Please drink responsibly. Due to current circumstances, businesses may close or run out of stock at short notice. Please check with individual stores for details.