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How to bring the best of Spring indoors

Spring flowers are blooming all around us. But what if you can’t get outside to smell the erlicheer? Here are some ways to bring the springtime freshness inside.

Indoor plant delivery

The experts at Folia House can fill your home with plants that thrive indoors. Plus the pots, planters and gardening tools you might need. Orchids are blooming right now, and they’re a steal at just $12. Choose plants for bright or low lighting conditions. And there are pet-friendly varieties to keep your best friend safe. Ivies, ferns, bromeliads, cacti. There’s a plant to brighten the darkest corner of your bathroom, lounge or home office. If you live within 15km of the CBD, delivery is free for orders over $120. And if you’ve brought home a new plant from the nursery, a wall planter from Fab Signature will show it off in style.

For more ideas on greening your home, see the indoor plants blog.

A plant shop

Folia House


Lighting a candle is another way to scent the air with flowers. Essensorie has soy wax candles in lavender and grapefruit to light and enjoy. Or spray a scented mist of home perfume zinging with mint and eucalyptus essential oils. There’s a scent in Essensorie’s aromatherapy range for every room, from bath infusions to pillow perfumes. For more therapeutic aromas, try the Gardenia Pulse Point perfume from Perfect Potion. To really unwind, pair with a pot of geranium and lavender Relax Balm.

Floral face masks

We have to wear face masks right now, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. The three-layered reusable cloth masks from Monster Threads will put a smile on your face. Especially the mask emblazoned with tropical flowers and parrots. You can also put in your order for alpacas, giraffes, sea creatures and more.

What could be more floral than a Liberty print? Oski + Lottie have designed reversible face masks featuring Liberty fabrics. One side is linen and the other is signature floral. For more on Melbourne face masks, see the where to buy face masks blog.

Floral face masks

Change your mask with the season

Spring inspired tea leaves

Everything is coming into bud right now, and that includes the new batch of spring teas. New premium green teas have landed at tea store Lupicia. And the first flush of spring-picked Darjeeling. Black sakura tea bursts with the fragrance of springtime cherry blossom. Try their apricot-scented tea for another take on the perfume of spring. Or you might like Jasmine Pearls from McIver’s tea store. The young spring pickings of the green tea plant are dried with jasmine to create a delicate white tea.

Home-delivered flower arrangements

If your garden or balcony isn’t overflowing with spring bulbs, Grattans Flowers can send you a bunch. Seasonal blooms star in their innovative bouquets. Right now you might find late-winter hellebores and springtime jonquils and camellias. Put in your order before 10am for same-day delivery.

Flowers by the Road Stall does a home delivery run every Thursday. Their bouquets are sourced from flower farms in Monbulk, so you know you’re getting the freshest blooms. Order the seasonal selection of the latest fresh-picked flowers. They come in their own vase, a recyclable jar that you can keep.

The creative florists at Melbourne Flower Merchant can fill your home with freesias. And you’ll find more florists who home deliver in the central Melbourne florists blog.

A florist shop

Grattans Flowers

Handcrafted vases

Of course, you’ll need a vase or two to show off your home-delivered blossoms. For something special, browse the range of resin vases from Dinosaur Designs. Bowls, horns, columns, boulders. The choice is immense and their beauty is timeless. See what takes your fancy in their online showroom.

Craft Victoria is another source of locally designed ceramics and glassware. The handcrafted glass vases make an elegant foil for a floral display. There are more indoor decorating ideas in the gorgeous homewares blog.

Gardening gadgets

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, communal courtyard or even a balcony garden, tend to it with love this spring. Spoilt’s range of garden accessories, from quirky planters to practical self-watering tools, definitely won’t disappoint.  Find more green thumb inspo in our ultimate guide to garden gadgets.

A lego man pot plant

You’re spoiled for choice with this range of planters. Pic via Spoilt.

Flower fashion from a new feminist marketplace

For women. By women. That’s the mantra at feminist maker’s store, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Shop! While the physical store is closed right now, you can still shop online. Try Stephanie Elicia’s acrylic flower earrings to brighten your day. Or the Social Studio’s vibrant red floral socks. Then coordinate your jewellery to your latest indoor plant purchase with Monstera leaf earrings.

Fresh photography

Want something longer lasting than a bunch of flowers? Why not commission a bright and colorful piece from a local artist. Based in Curtin House, Melissa Butters has an eye for landscapes and lifestyles. She’s published a book on Revolver Upstairs, so you know her shots will be quirky. Pet portraits are another possibility, if you’d like to pose your pooch. Or order a springtime shot from local photographer Andrew Bertuleit. Melbourne’s year-round street art and laneways are one of his passions, so there’s always something in season.

Spring into gin

Pour yourself a glass of floral-scented Miss Yoko Gin from Little Lon Distilling Co. Take a sip and you’ll taste lychees and vanilla, with a hint of baking spices. Or find cherries, raspberries and a hint of Turkish delight in Bass & Flinders’ Cerise Gin. You can order a bottle from the Wigs Cellar. The Wigs can also deliver a bottle of Four Pillars’ Rare Dry Gin. Citrusy with lemon myrtle, it’s a modern Australian gin. For something frothy, pick up a six-pack of Blush from Urban Alley. The refreshing, American-style raspberry wheat beer blends fruity sweetness and a hint of white pepper.

A clear class with gin in it

Gin is the drink of spring

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