A guide to walking tours in Melbourne

From fine art to chocolate, there has never been a better reason to explore the CBD the old fashioned way. Walk through towering arcades and graffiti-filled laneways to discover the best of Melbourne this weekend.

Chocoholics Tours

Chocolate: the culinary equivalent of love at first sight. Brace yourselves for the ultimate sugar high with chocolate experts from Melbourne’s Chocoholics Tours. From the Chocolate Wonderland tour to the classic Chocolate Lovers tour, cacao lovers can (literally) eat their way through some of the CBD’s best chocolate shops. Every chocoholic tour includes generous chocolate tastings, a dedicated chocolate bag to fill along the way, a decadent afternoon tea and wine tasting – because clearly, they know who they’re dealing with. Think of a better way to spend your weekend, we dare you! Tours start at $99 per person and $49 per child.


Walk your way around Melbourne on a walking tour. Photo: Grace Petrou


Café Culture Walk

New cafes, restaurants and bakeries seem to materialise every week in Melbourne’s burgeoning foodie scene. If you’re struggling to keep up, we don’t blame you – but the Café Culture Walk is here to help. Touring Melbourne’s hidden food and coffee scenes, including cafes which specialise in tea, coffee and chai, enjoy a guided tour through the crème de la crème of cafes. Nibbles, caffeinated drinks and tastings are dotted throughout the tour, with lunch also included in the ticket price. The tour is $99 per person.

Silent Disco Tour

If you’re looking for a tour like no other, look no further. Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Tour around Melbourne will have you shaking, bopping and shimmying around some of our most iconic locations. Spontaneous flash mobbing, crazy moves and interpretative dancing are just some of the promised activities. If you’re not thrilled about dancing in public, just strategically position yourself in the middle of the pack and no-one will (probably) see you. Headphones are supplied with musical favourites from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to get you in a boogie mood. Tickets are $24 for an adult, $19 for concession and $12 for children.


Try a laneway walking tour. Photo: Grace Petrou

Original Lanes and Arcades Walk

From quirky fashion to boutique designers, street art and signature Melbourne architecture, the Original Lanes and Arcades Walk is one of the best ways to discover the hidden secrets of the CBD. Weave your way through narrow lanes, ancient arcades and vibrant alleys with the assistance of an experienced tour guide. Morning tea or coffee is included in the ticket price, with optional lunch for an additional $37.