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Great excuses not to cook dinner

Stuck late at the office again? Need to fill your tummy before a meeting, movie or one of the many events taking place in Melbourne?
Whatever your reason, there is no shortage of great places to grab a tasty treat when you’re in a hurry. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few hints from around the city.
Chuckle Deli
One of the city’s more recent additions, Chuckle Deli is tucked away in a pretty corner of the Hub Arcade. Delicious tonkatsu pork, reuben or grilled mushroom sandwiches and fancy salads are just a few of the joys available at this small deli with big taste. Grab it and run. (After you’ve paid, of course.)

Sausages and other meats hanging from shop roof, with neon sign above

Looking for tasty take-home food? You’ll be laughing at Chuckle Deli

General Store & Co.
No matter what you’re after, there’s a chance General Store & Co. has it – shoes, clothes, bar, barber and yes, a grocer. Located near Queen Victoria Market, it’s an ideal place to pick up something to eat on the way home, or stay for a drink and a haircut.
Hot Star Chicken
For those times when you just need a big piece of fried chicken, Hot Star has you covered. With two locations on Swanston Street and one on Elizabeth, Taiwanese-style chicken might just be taking over the city. It’s fast and tasty – what more could you want?
Le Traiteur
With a menu that changes daily, freshly baked croissants in the morning and warm baguettes in the afternoon, Le Traiteur is a French café that stays true to its roots. If you’re located near the Spencer Street end of Lonsdale, chances are you already know how good it is. If not, you should find an excuse to get off at Southern Cross Station.
Spring Street Grocer
At the top end of town, the Spring Street Grocer has been doing a roaring trade, thanks to a wide range of gourmet take-home options and late-night closing hours. Want one of their made-while-you-wait rolls? (Trust us, you do.) Be sure to get in before 3pm.
Exterior of city store with neon 'grocer' sign

Spring Street Grocer. You’ll never cook again!

Where’s your favourite place to pick up a cheeky meal?