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Go crazy for croissants in Melbourne

Craving a taste of Paris, or simply need a flaky, fluffy, flavoursome treat? From vegan croissants to possibly the world’s best croissants, here’s where to find pastry perfection.


Fitzroy’s legendary croissanterie has expanded, so you can now get your fix in the CBD. It’s strictly standing room only, but who cares about seats when you can eat some of Melbourne’s most celebrated pastries? In fact, according to The New York Times, Lune‘s croissants are the best in the world. Heaven awaits at the Paris End of Collins Street, from classic to ham and gruyère cheese croissants and croissant-muffin hybrid the cruffin.

sugar falling onto a croissant pastry topped with almond flakes


Agathe Patisserie

The très petit CBD offshoot of a South Melbourne Market favourite, Agathe Patisserie became an instant hit when it opened in 2017. Find pastries of Parisian perfection, sometimes with an Australasian twist, at an unexpected little serving window under some Royal Arcade stairs. Will you go for a classic croissant, or try a different take like the chocolate almond, pandan or matcha?

Queen Victoria Market

Beautiful baked scents waft from several Queen Victoria Market stalls, including Andrew’s Bread Shop and The Bread Box. M&G Caiafa is another top croissant option at Melbourne’s favourite market, because they’ve recently installed a French-style baker’s oven. Start your day right with an early morning croissant, warm and fresh as the sunrise.

A man at a bakery stall surrounded by cakes and pastries, using tongs to pick up a croissant

Andrew’s Breadshop at Queen Victoria Market


This Melbourne icon is best known for Italian coffee and cake, but they make a pretty fine French-style croissant too. Pop in to Brunetti Carlton or the newish 300-seat Brunetti City for a taste of Europe.

White Mojo

Hardware Street cafe White Mojo has long been on the Instagram trail, but their desserts and sweet breakfasts aren’t the only eye-catchers. The signature croissant burger, stuffed with soft-shell crab and fried eggs, is as delicious as it is photogenic. Yellow yolks and golden shades of brown, including artful dollops of chipotle mayo dotted around the plate, contrast with fresh green coriander. Like!

A croissant filled with fried eggs and soft shell crab on a black plate

The croissant burger from White Mojo


The newest croissant kid on the block is also the weirdest, because it’s 100% vegan and has a nightclub vibe. Weirdoughs’ butter alternative is conjured from macadamia, cashew and coconut oil, making everything from almond croissants to cube croissants a plant-based wonder. Even the ham-and-cheese and after-dark pepperoni pizza croissants are animal-free. Novelty mirrors, holographic colour, DJs and late weekend hours will leave you totally weirded out – in a really good way.

Woodfrog Bakery

Looking for a breakfast treat on the way to work? Need a mid-morning or afternoon reward? Fresh croissants are just around the corner at the Woodfrog Bakery street kiosk near Flinders Street Station. Made over three days, these flaky delights have a complex, not-too-sweet nutty flavour.


Renowned for sourdough bread and sensory-pleasing pastries, Rustica has been expanding around Melbourne but it still pays to get in early. You’ve got two CBD cafes to choose from, in Melbourne Central and Rialto Towers. Then comes the really tough decision about which croissant. There are all sorts of yummy fillings and toppings, as well as tasty takes on croissant-doughnut lovechild the cronut.

A pastry with icing on top and custard in the middle

The legendary cronuts at Rustica

Baker D Chirico

Daniel Chirico is Melbourne’s king of artisinal bread, and a hot contender for the prince of pastry too. His Baker D Chirico empire has grown over the years, including stores in Carlton and South Yarra. Wherever you go, croissant cravings will be satisfied by classic varieties – including the indulgent almond – handmade with organic flour and Belgian butter.

Mill & Bakery at Central Pier

With a little Euro rustic-chic and a whole lot of artfully presented breads, pastries and cakes, this waterfront bakery-cafe delights the eye. You can even watch the Mill & Bakery at Central Pier bakers working their magic behind a big window. Of course the real reward is in the eating, so settle in for some me time with a croissant and coffee.