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Get truckin’: Melbourne’s food truck frenzy

Since June 2014, Melbourne has opened its gates for a fleet of food trucks. From pizza to yum cha and everything in between, you’ll find some bargain innovative eats and surprisingly sophisticated fare at these snack shacks on wheels.
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Melbourne's food trucks, bringing happiness and taste wherever they go.

Melbourne’s food trucks bringing happiness and taste wherever they go

Taco Truck

One of the first mobile meal machines to hit Melbourne’s streets, Taco Truck has continued to serve up tasty tacos at street corners, festivals and parties for over five years. Now, with an all access pass to the CBD, the taste of Mexico can be found sauntering around the NGV and Flagstaff Gardens, just waiting for you to come say hola.

Say hola to the Taco Truck

Say hola to the Taco Truck

Happy Camper Pizza

Happy Camper Pizza are all about three things: family, 1960s Airstream trailers and, of course, pizza. This small family operation runs on love and pumps out restaurant-quality pizzas to hungry crowds wherever they go. They’re often found on the William Street side of Flagstaff Gardens at the end of the week.

Gumbo Kitchen

Helping to kick-start Melbourne’s love affair with food trucks and Louisiana cuisine, Gumbo Kitchen is your go-to truck when you’ve got a hankering as big as a bayou. Po’ Boys stuffed with catfish, deep fried shrimp, crunchy creamy cheesy mac croquettes, spicy gumbo – the flavour combinations released from this truck are hard to find elsewhere in the city.

Don't forget the sauce at Gumbo Kitchen.

Don’t forget the sauce at Gumbo Kitchen

The Po' Boy slider and Cheesy Mac Croquette combo is a winner at Gumbo Kitchen.

The Po’ Boy slider and Cheesy Mac Croquette combo is a winner at Gumbo Kitchen

Mister Muesli

Striving to be the healthiest food on wheels, Mister Muesli has taken up residence on Boathouse Drive overlooking the Yarra, with the occasional Sunday morning at Flagstaff Gardens. Offering toasted or bircher muesli with a variety of toppings, along with fresh fruit and juices, this tiny truck is jam-packed with guilt-free flavour.

Mr Burger

An old favourite of Melbourne town, Mr Burger, have a few semi-permanent locations dotted around the city. Their burgers are everything you’d expect and more with the original Mr Burger now joined with three other selections – Mr Meat, Mr Veg and the spicy Mr Hot.

Bouncing burgers from the back of a truck at Mr Burger.

Flipping burgers at Mr Burger

Burger time at Mr Burger.

Burger’s up at Mr Burger


Coffeepeddlr proves it’s one truck that’s hard to miss. This bright orange refurbished Citroën H Van has been known to show up at cycling events thanks to its cycling enthusiast (or cycling obsessed) owner. Now it spends its early weekdays at Flagstaff Gardens and weekends on Royal Parade.

Other food trucks

There are plenty more food trucks on Melbourne’s streets, so get truckin’ and share your love for mobile dining. 

  • Afrofeast
  • Bahn Mi Boys
  • Let’s do Yum Cha
  • Lil’ Nom Noms
  • Round the Way Bagels
  • Sliders on Tyres

Find out where your favourite food truck will be and when on the Wherethetruckat website.