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Where to get dessert for breakfast

Dessert. It’s the grand finale to a great day, or your reward at the end of a tough one. Why not a gorgeous way to start the day too, or your getting-out-of-bed bonus? There’s no reason why the most important meal of the day can’t be oh so sweet and delicious. Treat yourself to some of Melbourne’s most decadent breakfasts.

Fancy fruit

Dessert restaurant Om Nom tones down the sugar at breakfast time, but never fear, there are still sweeties among the sensible savouries. We would expect no less from executive pastry chef Jo Ward, one of the city’s true sweethearts. Try the fresh fruit panna cotta, a dreamy combination of apple, passionfruit, seasonal fruits and toasted grains.

A dessert made of fruit on a plate

Om Nom’s fresh fruit panna cotta

Pastry perfection

From Milan to Sicily, Italians love to start the day with pastries, including bomboloni. At the Saluministi cafes in Flinders Lane and Docklands, these Italian-style donuts are a perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee. Which kind though? We always say yes to Nutella, which oozes irresistibly from these deep-fried balls of joy.

A group of jam doughnuts on a tray

The Bomboloni at Saluministi

Rustica Canteen is renowned for its sensory-pleasing pastries, so get in early to avoid disappointment. There are flaky croissants, decadent donuts and their love child, the cronut, with fillings and toppings as glorious as a sunrise. If you can’t decide between peanut butter and jelly doughnuts and vanilla and chestnut cronuts, just keep coming back for more.

American express

From waffles to pancakes, sweet breakfasts are a way of life in the USA. Laneway cafe White Mojo will have you seeing stars and stripes with their ‘Sweet & Sour Waffle’. We’re talking Nutella frosting, lemon curd and strawberry gel. Fresh and freeze-dried fruit. Macerated raspberry, toasted lemon meringue and mango sorbet. Waffle cone and, of course, a buttery waffle. What’s not to like?

A dessert of fruit, meringue, with an upside down ice cream cone and icecream

The sweet and sour waffle at White Mojo. Photo: Not Half Bad Productions

Another American breakfast classic, the bagel, gets a sweet makeover at fellow laneway cafe Manchester Press. Their ‘Oreo Smash’ is a chocolate chip bagel loaded with Oreo cheesecake – including crumbled cookies – and drizzled with raspberry coulis. Warning: it may leave you blissed out for the rest of the day.
A dessert made of chocolate biscuits, cream, chocolate and ice cream on a plate

The Oreo Smash at Manchester Press

More, please!

On the edge of the CBD, at Carlton cafe Humble Rays, they’ve embraced a new American favourite, the skookie. A portmanteau word combining skillet and cookie, this sweet treat is made by baking brownie or cookie dough in small frying pans. The skookie at Humble Rays is a wicked combo of red velvet choc chip cookie, homemade marshmallow, boysenberry ice-cream and Persian fairyfloss.

A dessert in a pan with fairy floss on top

The Red velvet skookie at Humble Rays

At North Melbourne’s Auction Rooms cafe, they’ve gone gaga for griddlecakes (essentially little pancakes). Topped with whipped crème anglaise, brownie bits, honeycomb and fresh strawberries, their buttermilk griddlecakes are another reason to head to Errol Street.