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Geek Melbourne

Step aside, jocks and It girls! Or follow our nerd alert to the coolest places in town, from bars and cafes for game geeks to a Thanos mural.

Zero Latency

Get off the couch, get your posse together and be blown away by Zero Latency’s free-roam VR games. Battle robots on a space station and the undead in two zombie-themed experiences, or solve puzzles in a family-friendly alien world. It’s social gaming taken to the next level!

Three people wearing virtual reality glasses and carrying blasters in front of a screen with zombies

Zero Latency


Have a Stranger Things night out, without the malevolent monster, at Bartronica, where arcade games and grown-up drinks unite. The classic machines rotate, so you might find yourself high-scoring on Street Fighter or a Daytona racing simulator. Don’t miss the 80s themed cocktails. Risky Business, anyone?

old pinball games at a bar


Pinball Paradise

Watch in-the-know patrons at Island Somewhere bar give one of the bookshelves a push, and disappear into a secret passage. It leads up a winding staircase to Pinball Paradise, Australia’s first dedicated pinball bar. Choose from 17 machines old and new, from a 1992 Star Wars to a limited edition Game of Thrones pinny. Plus drinks and food to keep the good times rolling in this kidult wonderland.

A beer on a table with pinball machines in the background

Pinball paradise

All Star Comics Melbourne

Are you a comic book tragic from way back? Or just discovering their appeal thanks to the current wave of superhero films? Either way, All Star Comics Melbourne has got you covered. New stock arrives regularly, including the latest, must-have titles from the US, and unexpected treasures from near and far. Just leave your DC v Marvel attitude at the door.

Minotaur Entertainment

For as long as there have been geeks in Melbourne, there’s been Minotaur Entertainment. Literally underground, removed from the mundane world, it’s a basement full of toys, magazines, posters, action figures, nerdy novelties and more. Whether you’re into Doctor Who or manga, want a Rick and Morty T-shirt or a BB-8 bottle opener, discover your heart’s desire.

MARVEL Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

Fresh from New York, Seoul, Paris and Las Vegas, the MARVEL Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N exhibition is an immersive deep-dive into this cinematic universe. Explore its history, science, engineering, genetics and technology, and your favourite superheroes’ profiles. See movie props like Thor’s mighty hammer, Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit and Captain America’s shield.

a huge robot suit in an exhibition

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

Avengers mural

While you’re in an Avengers state of mind, check out Heesco’s new mural of Thanos in Literature Lane, near the State Library. Two Infinity Stones gleam in the arch villain’s gauntlet, and his eyes look intergalactically demonic!

A street art mural of an evil alien in a city laneway

Thanos mural in Literature Lane

Anime festival

Heads up! Early bird tickets are on sale for the Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne from 15 to 16 September. From a Cowboy Bebop exhibition to a maid-and-butler themed cafe, cosplay masquerade to a totally kawaii shopping zone, Tokyo comes to you!

Trapt Bar & Escape Rooms

Have some brainy fun with your mates at Trapt Bar & Escape Rooms. Choose from the Alchemy, Espionage and Prohibition rooms, and keep your eyes and minds open. Once your team’s found the clues and solved the puzzles, there’s one final mission should you choose to accept it – deciding which of the bar’s themed cocktails, from the Bonnie Parker to the Double Agent, is worthy of your victory celebration.

8 Bit

What’s better than good burgers, hotdogs and loaded fries? Eating them in a place decorated with Tetris and other pixelated icons from the past. If you know you want to try the Zelda burger just based on the name alone, then 8 Bit’s for you.

three burgers on a table

8 bit

Board Game League

Games Laboratory is your go-to for all things board- and card-game related, whether to buy, borrow or, most importantly, play. Especially on Wednesday nights, when Board Game League brings together newbies and serious tournament-level players for a different game each week. When it’s game over, man, head to the bar downstairs with friends old and new.

Marche Board Game Cafe

Whether you want to play an old favourite or learn a new game, this is the place of your geeky dreams. From Monopoly to Takenoko, Marche Board Game Cafe has what you and your mates or date want, in English and Chinese. There are also tasty snacks when the hunger games hit, drinks including bubble tea and 18+ options, and 15 private karaoke rooms!

Shelves full of board games at a cafe

Marche Board Game Cafe