Garden State Hotel: Flinders Lane’s newest bar

The outside is inside, the skyline views are superb and the four levels deliver lots of character. This is to be expected from brothers, Doug, Tom, Matt and Andy who own and run the Prahran Hotel, Bridge Hotel, The Terminus Hotel – to name a few. Garden State Hotel is their newest and tallest venture, as well as their entrée into the city’s centre.

garden state hotel melbourne

The Garden State Hotel looking epic in the night

We asked Andy to give us a quick background into Garden State Hotel.

What makes Garden State Hotel different from your other bars?

There’s a scale to Garden State Hotel that several other capital cities have examples of, but Melbourne has very few. For us, the key has been to retain all of the key intimacy of our other venues in this new offering.

Why did you choose the city for this bar?

It was never going to be any other city! We are Melbourne boys through and through and we are so proud to play a role in – what we think is – Australia’s most fast paced, sophisticated and exciting patch of commercial real estate.

What’s the vibe you’re hoping to create?

Warm, sophisticated, fun and exciting!

So this is your dream venue. Tell us more about what makes it so.

It’s a serious cocktail lounge on a seriously cool laneway in Duckboard Place; a cosy, cool but scalable public bar; a beer garden that’s the size of a small city park; a sophisticated grill that belongs in New York; an enchanting private dining room and a stunning fourth-level observatory and private function room. Yep, it’s our dream come true!

What’s next for the Sand Hill Road group?

Next is some time with our families while we dream up something new!

Garden State Hotel: 101 Flinders Lane, city.

garden state hotel melbourne

This could be the prettiest beer garden you ever visit

garden state hotel melbourne

Curl up with friends in the pews out the back of the rose garden

garden state hotel melbourne

One of the many different flavoured bars inside Garden State Hotel

garden state hotel melbourne

This is only level one. More surprises await on each floor