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From Mesoamerica to Melbourne: The Aztecs have arrived

Ever wondered how an eagle devouring a snake atop a cactus could lead to the creation of a spectacular city by a legendary civilisation?
Or how an ill-fated meeting between Cortes the Conquistador and Moctezuma the Ruler could put an end to it all?
Well wonder no more, as Melbourne Museum brings to life the history of the Aztecs, from their 200 year journey to the Valley of Mexico to the fall of a great empire. Immerse yourself in a world of colliding cultures, divine rituals and even human sacrifice.

Aztecs wall mural

Aztec wall mural

Explore over 200 remarkable artefacts, some never before seen in Australia, including incredible hand-crafted stone sculptures depicting the Aztec army’s fearsome warriors and revered gods. Discover Aztec daily life in all its glory, from ancient ceramics to traditional clothing and intricately crafted jewellery.
Aztecs stone scultpure

Minder of Merchants

After all the tales of war and worship, you’ll need something to whet your appetite. Modern-day Mexican takes its inspiration from Aztec cuisine, so you too can go to battle for the best tacos and tequila Melbourne has to offer.
Here’s just a few of the many Mexican restaurants in Melbourne to help satiate your hunger:
Mamasita (Collins Street, Melbourne)
Fonda (Flinders Lane, Melbourne)
Mesa Verde (Swanston Street, Melbourne)
La Chinesca  (Collins Street, Melbourne)
La Tortilleria (Kensington)
El Sabor (North Melbourne)
Aztec fired clay fragment

Fragment from wall of school for noble children

Aztecs is on now at the Melbourne Museum until Sunday 10 August. Open daily from 10am to 5pm.