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For the love of dumplings

A rumbling deep within Melburnians’ bellies often yearns for just one thing – dumplings. Fried, steamed or served in a piping hot soup, we just can’t seem to get enough, and the city’s abundance of dumpling houses means you’ll never have to go without.

We stopped in to talk about this beloved Melbourne food with two of the city’s favourite dumpling spots.
Our first destination was ShanDong MaMa. It’s easy to miss if you don’t know where you’re going, so keep your eyes open for 200 Bourke Street then swing into Mid City Arcade where dumpling heaven awaits.
We got a quick cooking lesson with Mama herself, Meiyan Wang, who whipped up her signature ‘Melbourne dumplings’ – a delicious combo of mixed seafood, chicken mince, olive oil, lemon rind and parsley. Yum.
From there it was on to Mr Huang Jin, where we discovered the technique involved to create their legendary xiao long bao dumplings.
If you’re not hungry by now, you soon will be – watch our video tribute to this favourite Melbourne dish, then head to your nearest dumpling house.