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Five ways to unwind after a day at work in the city

It’s Friday afternoon; time to unwind after the busy working week. Clear your head with a walk or a run before enjoying that well-earned drink.
Try one of these five ‘walk and wine’ combos on your way home tonight.

Chicken Burger at Arbory Bar & Eatering

Chicken Burger at Arbory Bar & Eatering

Yarra River + Arbory Bar & Eatery
We locals tend to taunt the Yarra River more than we celebrate it, pass over it without taking notice of its oft-snapped views, or hold it responsible for the great divide between Melbourne’s hipster-North and sophisticated-South. Yet the Yarra holds great charm for a calming post-work stroll. A 2.4km loop will take you from Federation Square along the river to the Swan Street Bridge and back to Arbory Bar and Eatery. With a clearer mind and a few extra thousand steps under your belt, you’ll be ready for one of their ‘on tap’ Nitro Espresso Martinis or a Southern Fried Chicken Burger.
Fitzroy Gardens + The Tippler & Co.
If you’re headed home to the east of the CBD, Fitzroy Gardens is the perfect transition out of the bustle of the city. A few steps into the lush gardens, you’ll feel a long way from the daily grind. Amble through the gardens, meandering from path to path. Once you’ve completed your lap head east along Wellington Parade. Within five minutes you’ll find yourself at The Tippler and Co. – a relaxing bar and eatery, perfect for a drink or dinner on the way home. You’ve worked hard all week – no need to cook tonight! It can get busy if there’s a game on at the MCG but their Pulled Pork Soft Shell tacos are worth fighting the crowd for – two delicious on-trend ingredients in one taco!
A well-earned beer at The Tippler & Co.

A well-earned beer at The Tippler & Co.

Princes Park + Milk the Cow
If you’re heading out of the city to the north, consider a detour via Carlton to unwind on the way home. Take in a lap of Princes Park, the 3.2km walk is incredibly picturesque with plenty of greenery, sports fields and the Melbourne Cemetery alongside for extra character. Feeling healthier having stretched the legs after a week at your desk, head back to Milk the Cow for a well-paired wine and cheese flight.
The Tan + The Botanical
The south-side equivalent is of course a lap of the Botanic Gardens – ‘The Tan’. Well-lit, it’s comfortable walking even with the sun setting early. Consider the full 3.8km lap, or just walk out of the city via the tan and visit the Botanical Hotel on Domain Road at the southern end of the gardens. Enjoy a glass of wine in the bar or create an easy night for yourself with the ‘Dish of the Day’ – pasta and a glass of wine or beer for $25.
Unwind with cheese at Milk the Cow

Unwind with cheese at Milk the Cow

Old Stockman’s Route + White Rabbit Record Bar
Let’s not forget our Westsiders. The Old Stockman’s Route through Kensington is a serene walking and cycling path that’s well capped off with a drink and some relaxed tunes at White Rabbit Record Bar. Or if you’re in the mood for something heartier after all that walking, the Italian spread at Mr. Piccolo might just hit the spot. Better yet, head there straight from Kensington station and save the walk for your Saturday morning.