Five ways to get fit for free

Forget the gym fees, personal training fees, player registration fees and pricey fitness gadgets. You can get in shape – and have fun – for free!

Free dance at Fed Square

Dancing can be quite a workout, but so much more fun than spin class! Add zero cost to the equation and you’ve got a no-brainer solution to your getting-fit-on-a-budget problem. Saturday afternoon’s Hip-Hop at Fed Square will soon have you mastering top-rock, footwork and freezes like you were born in the Bronx. On Thursday after work, head back for the zumba class, and let those infectious Latin rhythms get your body moving.

People dancing in a class outside

Zumba at Federation Square



Free yoga at Fed Square

Improve your physical, mental and spiritual health without spending a dime, at Federation Square’s free lunchtime yoga classes. Every Tuesday, a JETsport instructor leads a session that emphasises safe, thoughtful movements and promotes awareness. In just 45 minutes, you’ll have greater flexibility and core strength, and all that controlled breathing will leave you feeling pretty zen. Beginners welcome!

Take an autumn stroll in Melbourne’s gardens

Summer may be over, but this time of year is often perfect for getting outdoors. Take a stroll among colourful autumn leaves, golden sunshine and cool, sometimes enchantingly misty air in Melbourne. Stroll among the avenue of poplar trees in Kings Domain or take ramble through the picturesque Fitzroy Gardens at the very edge of the CBD. Or,  join the free, twice-daily Autumn Discovery Tour at Royal Botanic Gardens, to discover hidden leafy treasures.

The Tan running track

From shufflers to elite athletes, the track surrounding the Royal Botanic Gardens is a favourite destination for Melburnians escaping the gym. Universally known as The Tan, this broad path is kind to knees because it’s surfaced with fine gravel. The only exception is the challenging Anderson Street hill. Covered in asphalt, it inclines about 30 metres over a distance of 300 metres. Gasp! Check out these other walking and running tracks in Melbourne.

People running and walking along a leafy track next to a park

Tan running track

Princes Park Touch Football Winter 2018

Wary of the rough and tumble of Aussie Rules and rugby, but still want to get out and play ball? Princes Park Touch Football Winter 2018 could be the answer. It’s free for individuals to be placed in a team, so why not give this almost-no-contact sport a go. Teams are mixed and the attitude social, so it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to work out on a Wednesday night.