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Five Melbourne burgers you have to try

Since the beginning of the Great Melbourne Burger Wars of 2012, there have been a number of ‘best burger’ lists doing the rounds. Now it’s time to forget the usual suspects and come on a new burger discovery mission. Wish us luck… it will take courage and a fast metabolism.

'Burgers & Beers'... pure poetry by the people at Trunk

‘Burgers & Beers’… pure poetry by the people at Trunk

The Grilled Saganaki Burger – 1000 Pound Bend
Starting with a vegetarian burger? Sacrilegious! But 1000 Pound Bend’s Saganaki Burger is just that good. With fresh rocket, tomato, Spanish onion, cucumber and tzatziki, this little slice of the Mediterranean will make you forget about beef for a while.
The Kickass Burger – Gloria Swanston’s Kitchen
Nothing says burger like double cheese and bacon. Gloria Swanston’s Kitchen does a lot of things right – mac and cheese balls, Philly-cheese steak sliders, barbie-q corn – but nothing compares to the slice of 200g beef in a bun. Hot tip: Get there between 12pm and 3pm on Tuesdays for a considerable discount.
The Wagyu Burger – Trunk
Any true burger devotee knows that fat and medium-rare is the only way to go. Trunk also knows this. Skip the artisan eatery inside and head to the courtyard diner to chow down on freshly-ground wagyu beef, grilled brioche, baby cos lettuce, thick-cut tomato and housemade pickles. Opting to add Monterey Jack cheese is recommended.
The Denise – Huxtaburger
Cliff, Rudy, Theo, Sondra and Bill Huxtable are all on the menu at Huxtaburger. Inspired by America’s favourite ‘80s primetime family – The Cosby Show – one of the yummiest has to be ‘the hot one’ (aka Denise). She comes with the Huxtaburger beef pattie and condiment base, plus jalapeño and sriracha mayo. Let’s not go too crazy on the flat-top haircuts and lurid knitwear, ‘k?
The Burger with the Lot – Embassy Taxi Café
Often overlooked by Melbourne’s burger elite, Embassy Café is a Melbourne staple that rejects fancy fillings in favour of nostalgia. These are old school burgers – the kind you got from fish ‘n’ chip shop when you were a kid – and they taste just as good. The café never closes, making it a popular haunt for taxi drivers and post-pub, after-midnight munchers. It’s no-frills and no disappointment.
Hit us with your better burger suggestions.
Up-close and personal with a Gloria Swanston's burger

Up-close and personal with a Gloria Swanston’s burger