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Favourite places to take photos in Melbourne

Looking for a great outdoor activity while still social distancing? Photograph some of Melbourne’s stunning landmarks and spruce up your Instagram game.

Vibrant display on Flinders Street Station

A state of the art lighting system has breathed new life into one of Melbourne’s most captured landmarks, Flinders Street Station. The night-time transformation of the building’s classical architecture is breathtaking. Depth is created by shadows and varying intensities of light. Look out for dazzling light shows that are often run through major events.

Lines of light from traffic zooming past an old domed building lit up at night

The lights of Flinders Street Station


A favourite among photographers, Docklands is blessed with colourful sunsets and glittering skylines. Witness the magnificent colours of the city lights blending with the sky during the sunset. Capture the sparkling lights reflecting off the Yarra River with an etching of boats.

City lights splashing vibrant colours on the water


Centre Place

One of Melbourne’s first laneways, Centre Place is a magnet for photographers. The mystical little alleyway is covered with a unique trove of colourful murals, stencil work, and graffiti. Head towards the baguette paradise, B3 Cafe for a quick bite, or grab a coffee from Jungle Juice Bar. Open for pickup only.

People walking through a street art covered laneway

Centre Place

Caledonian Lane street art

A narrow and silent lane offering inspirational words of wisdom, murals, and graffiti. It is the home of St Jerome’s Laneway, the globally recognised music festival. Wander the alley and capture the eye-catching view of technicolour covering the entire buildings. The colourful walkway on Caledonian Lane depicts video games and esports inspired street art.

Mesmerising lane way to capture incredible artwork

Caledonian Lane

Melbourne city laneways

Melbourne’s street-art covered laneways are among the city’s most iconic sights. Awesome spots to discover including ACDC Lane, Croft Alley and Tattersalls Lane. Meyers Place and Guildford Lane have both been transformed by City of Melbourne’s Green Your Laneway program. Each lane sports stunning murals created by leading street artist, Mike Makatron.

A huge street art mural on the wall of a laneway, with lit up skyscrapers in the distance

Meyers Place

Princes Bridge

Princes Bridge is one of the busiest footpaths in Melbourne. Stop and enjoy uninterrupted views of the Yarra River. From Princes Bridge, you’ll be able to spot historic Southbank buildings on one side and the MCG on the other. The famous Arts Centre Melbourne spiral tower, Eureka Skydeck and Flinders Street Station all look close enough to touch.

A bridge over a river with the city skyline lit up at night in the background

Princes Bridge

Yarra River

There are countless classic shots waiting to be taken all along the Yarra River. Immerse yourself in Melbourne city lights and catch a view of the unforgettable skyline at sunset. Yarra River is a famous spot for its spectacular bush scenery. Ride a bike, jog or take a walk along the waterways to witness the mesmerising views and feel a million miles away from the city.

A bridge over a city river at night

Sparkling lights by the Yarra

Royal Botanic Gardens

Appropriately named, Ornamental Lake is a picturesque spot nestled within Royal Botanic Gardens. Home to a cluster of distinct islands, the lake is a fantastic sunny picnic spot in all seasons. Constructed in 1876, the Guilfoyle’s Volcano appears like the 18th-century architectural garden. This stunning and historic water reservoir captures the panoramic views of the city. The dazzling landscape design showcase plants with low water consumption. The Fern Gully offers intimate and fascinating leisure spaces. Rewind in three lush meditative settings: the Bird’s Nest, the Grotto, and the Moss Garden.

Breathtaking landscapes, lush scenery and city view

Royal Botanic Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens

Take a walk across the mesmerising greenery, following a Victorian-era design scattered over the Fitzroy Gardens. Capture the majestical pathways lined with elm trees, variety of flowers and ornamental shrubs. The main attraction includes Model Tudor Village built by London pensioner Edgar Wilson back in the 1940s. The miniature was presented as gratitude to Melbourne for sending food packets to England during WWII. A Scarred tree is preserved which was used by Aboriginal people to make shields, canoes, or containers. Fairie’s Tree features a series of lovely carvings of animals, birds, and bush spirits, which is almost 300 years old.

Miniature village composed of school, hotel, barns and thatched cottages

Model Tudor Village, Fitzroy Gardens


Little Bourke Street is the home of the cultural district of Chinatown, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Step through golden-roofed gateways and let the lights guide you into a whole new Asian world. Seize the captivating sight of red and gold lanterns hanging throughout to support local traders.

Chinatown lane covered in red and golden lanterns

Hanging Lanterns in Chinatown

Neon Spots

Melbourne is known for it’s hustling and snap-worthy laneways. As the sunsets, capture a vibrant scene full of brightly coloured lights and neon spots.