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Digital spotter's guide to the Melbourne Writers Festival

As MIFF draws to a close, Melbourne shifts its focus from celluloid to the written word. Sam Van Zweden – Melbourne Writers Festival intern, freelance writer and blogger – tells us about some of the digital highlights in this year’s festival.
In an increasingly digital world, writers festivals need to stay relevant or die out. The digital world has changed so much, from how we buy and consume literature, to how words themselves are written, and the ability to reach wider and more niche audiences at the same time.
These changes pose many questions, and this year’s programming at this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF) might help us start to answer them.
Here are my top picks of MWF events for the digitally-minded:
Digital Drive
This all-day event, co-presented by the Emerging Writers Festival, features seven different conversations between writers known for their work and technological nous. Discussions range from getting your work seen, to podcasting and v-logging, and the opportunities unique to online writing. Comprehensive, much? Bring your devices for note-taking.
Digital Women
At MWF’s Digital Women session, Sarah Wendell (editor of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books) joins Jane Caro and Marina Go to talk about what it’s like writing online as a woman. At a time when women bloggers get pigeon-holed (‘mummy bloggers’ – the online equivalent of calling anything in print by a woman ‘domestic’), I’m interested to hear what these ladies have to say.
Generation Now
Is this generation’s voice necessarily a digital one? Is what it has to say going to be said online? Tao Lin (beloved/hated Twitterist and novelist) and Crikey books blogger Bethanie Blanchard join Emmett Stinson for a discussion.
These are just my top three – for more events concerned with digital life, look at the full listing on the MWF website.
The Melbourne Writers Festival runs from 22 August until 1 September.