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Day 4: Meet the bell ringers of St Paul's

Most of us have heard the bells of St Paul’s Cathedral ringing. But have you ever stopped to wonder who is pulling the strings – or rather, ropes? Every Wednesday, around 6pm, a group of nearly a dozen volunteer bell ringers gather at the cathedral to practice. We caught up with the group’s youngest trainee bell ringer, Georgina Seddon (26), who says that technique is everything.

You can hear Georgina and her bell-ringing colleagues at St Paul’s Cathedral before the carol service on Christmas Eve from 5pm and on Christmas Day from 9am to 10pm.
If you’re interested in becoming a bell ringer (they are always on the lookout for new members and training is free) phone Helen Pettet, captain of the St Paul’s Society of Bellringers, on (03) 93766508.

Trainee bell ringer Georgina Seddon and colleagues, St Paul's Cathedral

Trainee bell ringer Georgina Seddon and colleagues, St Paul’s Cathedral bell tower.

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