Day 21: Meet the Town Hall projectionists

Next time you’re in the city for an evening stroll, drop by Melbourne Town Hall. You’ll notice its 19th Century facade looks… well, a bit different. Fabulously festive, in fact.
That’s because until Christmas Day, from dusk to 11pm, the Town Hall is a canvas for the fantastic light projections of innovative, interactive media creators, the Spinifex Group.

Melbourne Town Hall at dusk

The Spinifex Group has created unique and dazzling installations around the world. Among their claims to fame is a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest video projection ever – a 4D projection on Moscow State University that used 80 projectors (for context, the projection on the Melbourne Town Hall uses 14).

Melbourne Town Hall lit at dusk by 14 projectors

This year, the Melbourne Town Hall Christmas Projections have been given a Santa’s workshop theme. Spinifex’s executive producer Nik Goldsworthy says the delicate process of creating the 2D and 3D animations started with the ‘mapping’ of the Town Hall so the projections fit exactly.
‘We start by creating a 3D model of the building and then work backwards to create the content,’ says Nik. ‘That content is then projected back onto the building using high-powered projectors that are positioned to cover every nook and cranny of the building façade.’

Melbourne Town Hall Christmas Projections

‘The most rewarding projects for me are the ones that you can enjoy with family and friends,’ adds Nik. ‘Christmas is a magic time of the year and projection mapping has a magic quality about it.’


‘So for us it’s about creating a world that transports us back to what Christmas looks like through the eyes of a child and to reflect on the importance of giving and sharing at this time of year with the people we love.’

Melbourne Town Hall in colourful hues, lit up for Christmas

Be sure to visit the Melbourne Town Hall Christmas Projections as the pictures don’t come close to showing how wonderful it is.

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