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Day 15: Make your own Christmas quacker

Undecided on the main course for Christmas Day? Rest easy, we’ve got you sorted with a duck dish that’s festive and fun, courtesy of  Scott Pickett – restaurater, author and chef at The Social Kitchen cooking school.
We caught up with Scott at the Queen Victoria Market to meet the local traders and shop for his special Roast duck dish (recipe below).

Watch the vid, head to QVM for your ingredients and get cooking! You’ll go down in the family history books this Christmas – for all the right reasons.

Roast duck, coriander and orange

A plate of roast duck with a side of vegetables.

Roast duck, coriander and orange

(Serves 4)
1 whole duck
3 oranges
50g coriander seeds
200 ml honey
2 bunches bok choy
2 Chinese sausages
2 King Brown mushrooms
4 pearl onions
8 baby kipfler potatoes
peanut or sunflower oil
coriander leaves

For the glaze
Peel the oranges and finely julienne the zest. Blanch and refresh six times. Crush the coriander seed. Mix orange zest, juice and coriander with the honey, and cook gently until it forms a sticky glaze. Keep aside to brush on to the duck. Any not used could be used another time.
To prepare the duck crown
Wash well after trimming and brine in a 10 per cent salt solution for 20 minutes. Remove, rinse again and leave to dry overnight, uncovered, in the refrigerator.
To roast:
Seal the skin on the breasts evenly in a non-stick pan, and then place the duck in a warm oven (120 – 140 C) for about 15 minutes, or until the bird is pink. Remove and brush with the honey glaze.
For the garnish
Prepare all the vegetables. Wash and cook the kipflers until just soft. Slice the pearl onions in half and roast until just cooked. Slice the mushrooms into different shapes. Wash and halve the bok choy, blanch for two minutes and drain. Slice the Chinese sausage on a slight angle. To finish, sauté mushrooms in a large pan with a little oil, add onions and potatoes, then add bok choy and Chinese sausage. Season to taste and finish with chopped coriander.
To serve:
Place the roasted glazed duck on a platter, arrange garnish nicely around the bird. Carve the duck and enjoy!
Recipe sourced from SP: A Cook’s Story.
Photographer: Dean Cambray
What’s on your table this Christmas?