Crepe expectations

Whether for breakfast, an afternoon treat or dinner’s sweet finale, pancakes, crepes and hotcakes are flat-out amazing. Perk up your day at these Melbourne hot spots.

French kiss

Variations on the pancake are made all around the world but, as with many things in life, the French take is irresistible. The most eye-catching of La Petite Creperie’s three CBD outlets is a tiny former newspaper stand on Swanston Street. From lemon and sugar to Nutella and almonds, a little slice of heaven in a take-away cone beckons daily until late. You can also find them in Hardware Lane.

Flames coming off a pancake being cooked on a hot plate

La Petite Creperie

Another Melbourne French connection is Roule Galette, named for France’s buckwheat savoury pancakes. Their galette fillings include scallops, pork sausage and several cheesy options. Of course they have sweet savoir faire too, with crepe bait such as homemade salted caramel. Bon appétit!

More, please!

If it’s time for a treat, why not go all in with White Mojo’s strawberry buttermilk pancakes? Sweet-talk yourself into a strawberry creme chantilly, vanilla ricotta, lemon curd, fresh and freeze-dried fruit, white chocolate crumb and maple syrup indulgence.

Pancakes, topped with fruit and cream on a plate

Buttermilk strawberry pancake from White Mojo.

You’ve had pancake stacks before, but what about a crepe cake? Layer upon layer of thin crepes interspersed and topped with temptation, these odes to excess await at Dex2rose. Loaded with gelato, drizzle sauce and crumble, they’re available in salted caramel, milk tea and matcha flavours. At Magic Mountain Saloon, you might need a stiff drink after the Thai Tea Crepe Cake.

A cake made from crepes with ice cream and fruit

The crepe cake at Dex2Rose. Photo: @niuyingxing (Instagram)

Uptown sugar fix

The CBD doesn’t have a monopoly on these discs of deliciousness. A few tram stops west in Docklands, Berth Restaurant & Bar starts the day right with waterside city-skyline sunrises and buttermilk hotcakes. Topped with lemon curd, seeds, berries, puffed grains, maple syrup and ice-cream, they’re both naughty and nice.

A bowl containing a pancake topped with fruit and icecream

The hotcakes at Berth

Just to the north within the leafy grounds of Melbourne Uni, the folks at Carte Crepes are studiously perfecting the sweet crepe. With its mash-up of caramel, melted chocolate and peanut butter, we give The Snickers an A+.