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Commitment-free city fitness, all year ‘round

Exercise gets some serious airtime in spring and summer, but just as our morning coffee or weekend laundry routines make sense at any time of the year, so too does your favourite fitness activity. The beauty of these options is that you can dip in and out of them whenever you see fit – no need for long-term contracts or regular direct debits.
Here are a few commitment-free fitness options to get your heart rate up:

Surround yourself with beauty, history and still water at Melbourne City Baths.

Surround yourself with beauty, history and still water at Melbourne City Baths.

Melbourne City Baths

Swimming is a great form of exercise and a good excuse for some alone time, too. Spend time with your thoughts while propelling yourself through the water at Melbourne City Baths. You can visit the pool without needing a membership – just pay at the door whenever you want some water time.

The Tan

Come early morning or early evening, the 3.8-kilometre track around the Royal Botanic Gardens gets a serious workout of its own. Walkers, runners, dog owners all unite as they step it around what’s known affectionately as ‘The Tan’. The Anderson Street Hill on one side offers an intensity increase – sprint up this bad boy once or twice to really test your fitness.

Princes Park

The comfortable 3.2-kilometre path around the perimeter of Princes Park in Carlton North is a popular spot. Not only can you jog around a well-lit track, you can also distract yourself from the pavement pounding (and chest heaving) with the regular sports training, social gatherings and even regular medieval re-enactments that you might stumble upon.

Get a full-body workout at Aleenta Barre on Flinders Lane.

Get a full-body workout at Aleenta Barre on Flinders Lane.

Aleenta Barre

For an indoor, full-body workout, try Aleenta Barre – housed in a beautiful studio space on Flinders Lane. Using a combination of ballet barre, yoga and pilates this type of exercise will activate every part of your body. Aleenta Barre allows casual attendance on a pay-as-you-go basis so you can come along when you feel a need to work it and stretch it.

Tuesdays in Fed Square

Bring some zen power to your day with a free tai chi class every Tuesday morning from 7.30am at Federation Square. Or ease into the afternoon with a lunchtime yoga class on Tuesdays at 1.15pm. All skill levels are welcome – you just need to bring a yoga mat.

Parliament House steps

There are 40 steps leading up to Parliament House – and those 40 steps offer a great workout should you wish to run up and down them a few times. Train for a hill climb or just get some strength in your quads whenever you can spare half an hour in the city.