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Comedy Festival: Rod Quantock's hot festival picks

This week, our guest blogger and ‘Melbourne living treasure’ Rod Quantock gives us his hot tips for who to see during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
This is a bit of a tough one for me. I haven’t managed to see any shows so far this year (though you may recall from my first post that it’s my 799th Comedy Festival and my 7000th year working as a comedian, so if you average it out I’ve seen just a few shows in that time…).
But I have seen a lot of performers who have been guests on the show I’m doing with Fiona Scott-Norman, Drivetime with Two Leggy Redheads, and we only have the hottest-of-the-hot.
Denise Scott is very hot for a lady who has been around the traps for as long as she has. Mike Wilmot from the frozen wastes of Canada is cool in a hot way. I am led to believe that Alex Edelman microwaves his tickets (those Americans!). I guarantee they’ll be toastie.

Alex Edelman

Alex Edelman

I could go on but let’s not get into a naming-names, she-said-he-said-they-laughed rant. Let’s do this scientifically: Anyone whose last name begins with ‘Q’ is definitely hot. (There’s not a lot of them so see them all.) And old comedians, go and see old comedians while they can still stand-up.
Generally anybody and everybody Asian is really, really hot (Comedy Zone Asia, Papa CJ, Jennifer Wong, Lawrence Leung – the list goes on). And Muslims are big. See all the Muslims you can!
Jennifer Wong

Jennifer Wong

And lastly: The annual galifferous, spectacular Political Asylum, your one-stop-Abbott’s-a-pr*ck-and Andrew-Bolt’s-a-dolt evening of comic revenge. The best political comedians with something more to say than most.
You can see Rod Quantock and Fiona Scott-Norman in their show, Drivetime a one-stop, try-before-you-buy guide to the festival until  18 April 2015.