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Memorable comedy festival moments: Anne Edmonds

When asked about my most memorable comedy moments, my mind goes to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the festival of extremes.
Edinburgh is a mecca for comedians and last year I got to go for the first time. It was probably the greatest experience of my life. I performed 29 shows in a row at midday in a great little 60-seater shipping container. I’d heard every horror story about Edinburgh: the impossibility of finding an audience, the endless flyering, the exhaustion and the tears. I turned up with my keyboard player, Amy Bennett, excited but also with very realistic expectations about how the month might pan out.
The day the show opened I thought to myself ‘If four people turn up today, I’ll be rapt’. When I got to the venue there were eight tickets sold and I literally jumped for joy. That show is one of my fondest comedy moments. I remember releasing my Aussie jokes one by one and waiting for them to crash silently to the ground. Instead, one by one, they got a laugh. I wonder still whether the audience could see the surprise on my face each time.
Of course there were tough shows. An elderly Scottish woman turned up to one and sat in the front row. After rolling her eyes and making a series of gestures indicating she was bored out of her brain for the first 20 minutes of the show, she proceeded to slip her shoes off, pop her feet up on a spare seat and fall asleep. I just wanted to lie down next to her, spoon her and sleep too.
At our final show of the season, 50 people turned up thanks to hours of flyering and old-fashioned word of mouth. Sitting with Amy having a beer in one of the Edinburgh gardens, I’d never been happier.
Anne Edmonds’ new show, The Quarter Cabbage is on at Melbourne Town Hall, 120 Swanston Street until 21 April.

Anne Edmonds and Amy Bennett


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  1. Marc - April 9, 2013


    Anne, please come back to the fringe for 2013! You were effing awesome. You were the first comedian we saw, and it was the perfect way to set the day up, and indeed the whole festival. You were great. Any time we see a banjo, we say to each other, laughing: “while you’re down there”…awwww big love for Anne Edmonds x

    • Anne Edmonds - May 11, 2013


      Hi Marc! Very delayed response but thanks so much for this nice message you left here. Unfortunately not going to get to Fringe this year. BOOOOOOOO. I loved it so much. Aiming for next year so see you then! Thanks for coming to the show.
      Anne 🙂

  2. Mary - April 9, 2013


    What about the family trip on the houseboat on the Murray? Maybe that rates second