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Comedy Festival blog: Reflections by Anne Edmonds

I think this has been my favourite Melbourne International Comedy Festival yet!
We got off to a great start. Opening weekend fell on Easter, which can sometime be tough on ticket sales, as people go away or are busy with family. Instead, this year there were people everywhere. ‘Sold out’ stickers went up all over the blackboard. Comedians, normally flyering for hours before their shows, looked at each other in wonderment and were free to drink and be merry together. Ah, we were all so happy…
I loved performing my show each night and had some great audiences. Having done three autobiographical stand up-type shows in a row, this year I decided to write a character-based show. I was worried what audiences would make of it, but there they were, all laughing away, getting on board and being awesome. Thanks Melburnians.
I also love all the extra gigs you do when you’re involved in the festival. One highlight for me this year was the show Setlist: improvised stand up comedy and therefore pure terror for comedians. Phrases pop up on a television screen behind you on stage and you just start talking, praying that something funny comes out.
The night I did it, my mate Celia Pacquola was also on (she was amazing at it). When they called my name to go onstage I gripped her arm and said ‘Please, don’t make me go up there. I can’t. I don’t have anything to say.’ But somehow words came out of my mouth, people laughed (probably more at the panic) and I had the best time. There are still a few Setlist shows left in the festival and I highly recommend checking it out.
Well, that’s me signing off now for the festival. As always, half the fun is hanging out with other comedians. I’ll leave you with a photo of a few of us at 3am in the car park of an undisclosed fast food restaurant.

Laura Hughes, Anne Edmonds, Gen Fricker, Luke McGregor and Alison Bice

Thanks again, Melburnians!
P.S. The festival continues until Sunday 22 April, so make some comedians’ day and pack their houses for the final weekend, hey?
Anne Edmonds’  show, The Quarter Cabbage is on at Melbourne Town Hall, 120 Swanston Street until 21 April.