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Comedy Festival blog: Pleased to meet you, I'm Lawrence Leung

I am proud as punch to have been bestowed the title of official blogger.
Don’t worry, I promise I won’t post annoying close-up photos of my food.
Who am I? I’m Lawrence Leung, a writer / comedian. For those unfamiliar with the job description, ‘comedian’ is a fancy word for wacky attention seeker, and ‘writer’ is what I use when going through customs at airports and don’t want my bags searched.

Over the next month, I’ll be posting an insider’s look at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It’s a sneak peek behind the gut-wrenching / exhilarating process of putting on a show. I’ll also word you up with the buzz on the street about hot new undiscovered gems to catch and share some funny / disastrous moments from the front line. So just imagine me as a BBC war correspondent captured in a Taliban stronghold. Actually, I should note that the Comedy Festival is a lot more fun than a war zone (although there is a fine line between a bad gig and a hostage situation).
As I write this, my table is surrounded with stacks of paper covered with yellow highlighter markings, handwritten ticks and scribbles. This is the final draft for my own new Comedy Festival show entitled Lawrence Leung’s Part-Time Detective Agency. It’s about crime shows and mysteries where the audience and I try to solve a real-life case together. It’s fun, silly and ambitious – but will it work? I’ll find out on opening night.
What’s that sound? Nothing… Only my heart pounding.
So please drop by again and follow where this Comedy Festival blog goes. I’ll be sure to post some silly Festival photos along the way. And knowing me, there’ll be at least one post-party shot of me outside the Festival Club at 3am with a greasy kebab dripping down my face. So maybe there will be photos of food on this blog after all.
Lawrence Leung’s brand new show, Part-Time Detective Agency is at the Swiss Club, 89 Flinders Lane until 21 April.