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Comedy Festival blog: Hello. My name is Anne Elizabeth Edmonds

… and I am a comedian. I’m going to be blogging for the City of Melbourne for the duration of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and we are to be the firmest of friends.
How good is the Comedy Festival? It coincides with the leaves turning yellow on St Kilda Road and the football starting. I have been going since I was 17. Lining up outside the Melbourne Town Hall, I never imagined that one day I would do my own show. I remember seeing Brian Munich and Friends by Jason Marion and Ray Matsen with my sister in 2001, a show we’d chosen randomly from the guide. We laughed so hard it hurt and quoted lines from the show all the way home, and for weeks to come. I thought that those guys were the greatest guys on earth (and obviously so did a few other people, because they went on to win the Barry Award that year).

Anne Elizabeth Edmonds

So now here I am, about to do my fourth Comedy Festival show at the tender age of 34, having only started comedy aged 28. It’s never too late to abandon a well-paying, secure career for a life of phone calls to your parents about the rent. That’s what I always say! My show this year, The Quarter Cabbage, is a one-woman play about four strangers who have bought a quarter of the same cabbage on the same day. So these days, the Comedy Festival banners going up around the city take on a new, bowel-stimulating meaning for me.
Oh don’t go! Was that too honest? We were going to be best friends.
See you next week when I tell you all about opening night. I promise I’ll be honest about whether I cried or not.
And remember, always choose randomly from the guide! (My show’s on page 37).
Anne Edmonds’ new show, The Quarter Cabbage is on at Melbourne Town Hall, 120 Swanston Street until 21 April .