Circus Oz Big Top bonanza

Circus Oz: Cranked Up TeeterboardUnplug the Xbox, close iview and pull out your earphones – Circus Oz is back in town for another wonderful winter season of agility and daring.
Circus Oz: Cranked Up is a ‘cranked up’ version of last year’s show: higher, faster and funnier than ever before. It’s been 35 years since Circus Oz first set up shop in Melbourne and their talented troupe of performers seem more like a family every year.
Circus Oz: Cranked Up TeeterboardThe indomitable Fantaysia Fitness is back winning hearts and laughs with her unusual regime of rollerblade fitness and her enthusiastic ‘son’ Tay Tay.
Athletic acrobat Shane Witt flies though the air with ease, pint-sized gymnast Stevee Mills makes the trapeze look like a breeze, while juggler Hazel Bock defies belief with her inventive approach to this old art – but wait, there’s more!
All your favourite circus acts are on show: big people on little bicycles, rolla bolla’s hairy heights, teeterboard tumbling, and some light relief from a friendly kangaroo and a singing cowboy clown.
Circus Oz: Cranked Up EnsembleIt’s a show high on mirth and low on CGI – the perfect thing to tear the kids away from the TV screen these school holidays. Staged under the heated big top in Birrarung Marr, this animal-free, rock’n’roll circus spectacular suits all ages.
Circus Oz: Cranked Up runs until Sunday 14 July, with shows from Wednesday to Sunday at 1.30pm and 7.30pm.