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Chinatown eats to get delivered

Missing Little Bourke’s neon lights and fragrant doorways? Don’t stress, lemon chicken, pork buns and peking duck are mere clicks away.

Shanghai Village

Veggos rejoice – Shanghai Village’s menu is your ticket to flavour-town. Crispy pumpkin pastries, veggie spring rolls and steamed buns are only the beginning.

Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House

Wonton soup, Xiao Long Bao and dumplings done every way. Shanghai Dragon Dumpling House will deliver a true Chinatown feast to your door.

Dumplings in a bamboo steamer

Dumplings – they’re worth staying in for

Jiyu Thai Hot Pot

Braised pork with fried eggs, peanut Kung Pao chicken and Ma Po Tofu. Jiyu Thai Hot Pot do Thai favourites Puket style. Can’t decide? Check out the generous set meals.

Oh Dumplings

Oh Dumplings deliver homemade Little Bourke fare. Go steamed Xiao Long Bao and pan fried prawn and pork. Full house? Go with the dumpling dumpling lover or family feast meals.

Bar Clara

Too full for a big dessert after you’ve had your dumpling feed on a cold Melbourne night? Cap off your evening on a lighter, spicier note with mulled wine from Bar Clara. They’re doing free delivery of this winter-time treat to the Melbourne metro area.

Various wine glasses and spices scattered on a table

Mulled wine from Bar Clara

China Bar

China Bar’s dim sum section is here for you. The Shanghai dumplings are a must. Something refreshing? Add an avocado smoothie.


Feel like cooking? Spice it up with pepperoni pizza and cheeseburger dumplings. Isolation is looking up with your own personal supply of frozen Drumplings in stock. 24 for $24.95 – that’s maths we can do.

Dumplings in steam baskets at drumplings

Drumplings dumplings

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan is the little Hong Kongese that could. Order ultra comforting congee with pork and salted egg. And try the monthly special – prawn and chive dumpling.

Mao Please

Don’t under-order from Mao Please. The dumplings are juicy and the chilli oil is spicy. More please.


Spice up your isolation with a chilli cheese kransky. Or go all out with Hofbräuhaus’ crispy pork knuckle. Bound to make your video conference colleagues jealous. Add a side of buttery spatzel egg noodles. And don’t forget dessert – hot apple strudel and cold vanilla ice cream.