Celebrate women this March

There’s many ways to get inspired on International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8 March. Read our guide of what to do on the day and other events about, by and for women throughout March.

Celebrate Women in Film

Start your month of celebrations with the Melbourne Women in Film Festival. A not-for-profit event that showcases women filmmakers, the focus is on those working in production, directing and sound editing. Designed to support and encourage more women to enter the industry, the festival runs from Friday 3 to Saturday 4 March.

Image: Lit (Amie Batalibasi, 2016)

Image: Lit (Amie Batalibasi, 2016)

Discover the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

The Queen Victoria Women’s Centre is a beautiful old building that plays host to a number of women’s organisations. A home to events year-round, this March it will host the following events exploring gender issues:


Behind the Badge: Women of Victoria Police features the portraits and stories of ten women currently serving in the Victorian Police force. Learn their journeys and discover their passion for serving the community in this photographic exhibition, until 20 June. Also captured on camera are the female staff at the Royal Women’s Hospital in The Women Behind the Women’s. The exhibition runs from Wednesday 8 March to Thursday 1 June.

Discover the women behind the badge

Discover the women behind the badge

Breakfast of champions

If a full belly, paired with a side of inspiration, is what you seek on International Women’s Day, take part in one of these female-powered events on Wednesday 8 March.
Breakfast options on International Women Day include:

The UN International Women’s Day Breakfast featuring Pakistan’s National UN Women’s Ambassador, Munabi Mazari is now sold out.

Desperate, dateless, but not laughless

They’ve swiped right, played hard to get, played easy to get and even ‘been themselves’.  The Ginger and Tonic Gals are at a loss as to why their relationships never work out. Get your laughs on with Desperate and Dateless during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from Thursday 30 March to Saturday 9 April.

The Ginger and Tonic Gals are the antidote to a bad date

The Ginger and Tonic Gals are the antidote to a bad date

Don’t forget the of the AFL’s Women’s League has kicked off this year and the 2017 Suncorp Super Netball is at a court near you. If you prefer something colder and faster, keep your eye on O’Brien Arena for the Women’s Ice Hockey League.