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Cal's Wilson: opening night is not fright night

Funny woman Cal Wilson is blogging for us during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Here she tells us how she prepared for opening night of her show, It Could Have Been Me at the Melbourne Town Hall.
On the day of opening night, I can be found doing my tech run — the usually quite stressful rehearsal where you go through all your lighting and sound cues with your tech. I say ‘usually quite stressful’  because nothing makes a joke as unfunny as repeating it to a 99% empty room, in broad daylight, to a person who’s trying to work out what that hissing noise in the speakers is. 
CAL WILSON PIC 1I’m not superstitious, but I have a little mantra that I say to myself before I go onstage. I’m not going to tell you what it is though, because THEN IT MIGHT NOT WORK.
Actually, my mantra is just reminding myself that I love my job, that nerves are a good thing, and to check that everything that should be zipped or buttoned up, is zipped or buttoned up. You only make that mistake once. Still, it was a memorable show. 
I think my only proper comedy superstition (and one which doesn’t apply to a festival show) is that I don’t like to get paid before I do the gig. Somehow it feels like jinxing it, like you have to actually earn the money before you lay hands on it.
First night went well, a few things got swapped around in order — fortunately not the beginning and ending — and we all had a nice time. It’s great to be a few shows in, and really feel like the show’s bedded in.
After opening night, comedians tend to go round saying ‘It’s good to have the first one out of the way’: a saying which works for most things in life, except maybe marriage.