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Cal Wilson's Comedy Festival picks

Funny woman Cal Wilson will be blogging for us during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Here she gives us the skinny on the best up-and-comers to see during the Festival. Cal’s show, It Could Have Been Me, is on at the Melbourne Town Hall.
cal wilsonSo, you want to know who to see before they get famous?
Hmmm. Luke McGregor is sailing his merry way up the comedy charts (I don’t think that’s a proper figure of speech, but I’m going with it), and he’s well worth catching. The most delightfully awkward guy you will see onstage. And funny. Massively funny. His show’s called ‘I’m worried that I worry too much’, and I demand that you see it.
I also insist that you check out The Comedy Zone: always a great place to see a flock of up-and-comers.
It was there that I first made the acquaintance of two of my favourite comedians, Nelly Thomas (she’s doing a show called ‘Pleasantly Furious’ this year – pop that on lukemcgregor
your list as well) and Josh Thomas.
This year it’s billed as ‘Wild. Untamed. New Talent.’ I reckon Manpower Australia will be spewing over not using that as their tagline.
I saw Aunty Donna perform for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and was entranced. Rather than being a lady of a certain vintage, Aunty Donna is in fact a sketch troupe made up of variously bearded young men, who were quite bonkers and hilarious.
ComedyzoneTheir show is called ‘Aunty Donna’s World’s Greatest Showbag’, and I for one want to see what’s inside.
My final pick is Laura Davis in ‘Pillow of Strength’. She’s an impish repository of great stories, and unexpected angles on things. Always a treat to see her at gigs, so I’m looking forward to a whole hour of Davisness.
If I was allowed to spruik more established comics, I wouldn’t stop banging on about Mel Buttle. Hilarious on her podcasts, even better on stage. Glorious.
The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is on until 20 April. See the comedy festival website for more info on these performers.