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Cal Wilson: reflections on the Comedy Festival

In her final blog, funny woman Cal Wilson tells us how the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has treated her this year. Her show, It Could Have Been Me, runs until Sunday at the Melbourne Town Hall.
Somehow the month has passed in a flash, and the Comedy Festival is drawing to a close. Over the next few days, the few remaining healthy comedians will succumb to the festival flu, while the rest of us will feel vaguely antsy in the evenings when 8pm rolls around, and we haven’t got a show to do.
I’ve had a lovely festival: sell-out shows, ridiculously fun extra gigs, and catching up with hilarious friends from all over the world.
Local comic legend Justin Hamilton runs my favourite gig, ‘The Shelf’ at the Toff in Town, and the festival season was fantastic. One of my highlights was doing a spoken word advice column as my very Kiwi, very repressed character ‘Adele’, while wearing a fake tiger skin. Trust me, it all made sense on the night.
I saw some great shows – Max and Ivan’s ‘The Reunion’ was touching and stomach-achingly funny, and ‘The Listies in 6D’ was one of the most hilarious kids’ shows I’ve ever seen. I genuinely wanted to steal their finale – a week later, the four year-old is still talking about it.
As usual, I didn’t see as much as I wanted to. Post-show, you either feel so great you can’t sit still for an hour, or if its been a ropey one, you want to slink off somewhere and have a good hard think about what you’ve done. Happily, this season, I didn’t have any of those.
Probably the most exciting thing to happen was being offered a slot at the Gilded Balloon, for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, so my August has suddenly just gotten very busy. Average audience size for an Edinburgh Fringe show is around 4, so I’ll be taking a few deep breaths, and readjusting my expectations. I can’t wait!