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Broad Bean's organic groceries for the Christmas table

It might sound strange to think you can pick up an organic Christmas pudding among the towering luxury hotels of Southbank, or a basket of organic cherries while meandering past the Arts Centre. But ask Broad Bean Organic Grocer co-owner, Andrew Crompton, and he’ll tell you Southbank is the perfect place for it.
‘We have been residents of Southbank for about six or seven years and we always felt like there was something missing,’ Crompton says. ‘It was a little bit hard to get good, healthy, organic food here so we decided to change that and bring the shop to Southbank’.

Find an organic oasis among the chaos at Broad Bean Organic Grocer.

At Broad Bean, find an organic oasis among the city chaos

A city sanctuary

Crompton and fellow owner Paul Bullivant were determined to build a sanctuary in the heart of the city. It’s a point of pride for the duo who live in an apartment above their shop, with neighbours, opera singers and ballet dancers all regular customers.
‘I love that we are among the concrete jungle with high-rise apartments and offices but also the Arts Centre, Australian Ballet and the Opera Centre within metres of us,’ Crompton says. ‘People can walk through the tall buildings, paved streets and then step inside an oasis with recycled timber and organic produce. They feel like they’re a world away from where they came from’.

It's all colour and deliciousness at Broad Bean.

It’s all colour and deliciousness at Broad Bean

Much of the produce is hand-picked by Bullivant at local markets to ensure it’s of the best quality. While it might require a little more thought, Crompton explains that going organic doesn’t mean going without. ‘The products we have chosen are as close to traditional as possible. People can still have all the Christmas treats but without the nasty extras’.
If you already have the main event – the turkey – sorted for Christmas lunch, here is where you’ll find all the extras: fruit and vegetables, puddings, shortbread and even last-minute gifts for the foodie in your life.

Christmas treats done the right way

Because, as Crompton points out, this is a time for celebrating the season with good food. ‘This is a festive season and the food we eat is all part of us joining together at a very social time,’ Crompton says. ‘We can’t punish ourselves for what we eat, but we can always try to make the best choice possible’.

Get a healthy kick-start before getting your Christmas groceries.

Get a healthy kick-start before getting your Christmas groceries

  • Visit for: Organic shortbread, nougat and candy canes (really!), and to pick up organic fruit and veg for Christmas lunch.
  • Stay for: A raw treat and a latte made from certified organic coffee and biodynamic milk.
  • While you’re there: Wander across the river and into Degraves Street where you’ll find gluten-free plum puddings and fruitcake at Clementine’s.