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Brain food for the curious: Melbourne Knowledge Week

Did you know that the surface of a dragonfly’s wings can kill certain types of bacteria? And that this antibacterial agent has been recreated as a nano-material that could make medical implants safer?
This discovery is part of an exciting field called biomimicry – just one of the areas being showcased at this year’s Melbourne Knowledge Week, starting Monday 27 October.

Abstract artwork in blue and black, in the shape of an eyeball.

Under the Coverslip

Bringing together Melbourne’s best designers, scientists and tech experts, Knowledge Week highlights innovations that are often hidden inside labs and universities. But it’s not just for brainiacs or tech-heads.
Sure you can try out virtual reality goggles, but you can also tour the city’s architecture, discover the crucial role of art and design in scientific industries, or witness bats, birds and creepy crawlies by night.
Here are a few highlights to get you started:

Need more suggestions?
Pop in to the Knowledge Hub at the Melbourne Town Hall during Melbourne Knowledge Week, from 27 October to 2 November 2014.

Two smiling children wearing headphones and using chalk to draw on paper.

Polyglot Theatre – Sound of Drawing