An insider's guide to Melbourne's most beautiful buildings

Guest post by James Nolen, a Film Programmer at ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.


Grin (& bare it) – Pellegrinis

While all the magic happens on ACMI’s beautiful screens and inside the galleries at Federation Square, many of us are all beavering away at ACMI X, our new space designed by legendary Melbourne architectural firm Six Degrees, located in Southbank.
I am a proud Melbournian and have loved this city’s varied architecture since I was young, and care very much for the conservation of this special city. I do seem to be drawn to the top of Bourke Street a lot these days. I always love seeing what’s on display at American Tailors and Madam Virtue and the wrapping paper at the Paperback Bookshop is one of this city’s greatest best kept secrets. There is a charming scale to this end of town with mostly Victorian buildings juxtaposed with the mid-century modernism of Pellegrini’s.
Collins Place

Triplicate – Collins Place

And then barely a block away you have the magnificent Collins Place designed by I.M. Pei. I also rather love the imposing Flinders Lane entry lobby of 333 Collins.
Flinders lane

Vanishing point at 333 Collins St Lobby

Since Instagram has come on the scene, I have rediscovered my love of photography and instead of boring my family with my obsession, I can share it with the world through the world wide web. I like to try and capture some of the elements to Melbourne that maybe overlooked, the nooks and the crannies, if you like.
Iron grate

St Pancras Ironwork Co

Whether it is the highly decorative writing on a basement grate or the juxtaposition of colour and movement– the city is full of endless discoveries!
colour & movement

A little colour and movement

Currently, I can’t stop admiring the pure mid-century modern lines of 1 MacArthur Street. A building I used to rather detest has become a favourite to photograph again and again!
Department of Treasury and Finance

Department of Treasury and Finance

The art deco period is still my favourite. Whether it’s the Capitol Theatre, the former Buckley and Nunn Men’s Store (now David Jones) in Bourke Street or the Beehive Building in Elizabeth St – there’s something about that era that makes my hear skip a beat!
Beehive building

Beehive building

This statement perfectly describes the pride I have for our wonderful city.
Ich bin Melbs
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